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hour 81

on one of his research visits,
during Summer Solstice 2007

sent this image
7 February 2007
image posted
13 September 2012
Michael introducing himself to Curtis
From: michael****@*****.net
Subject: Re: secure order~tan
7 February 2007 18:29:41 GMT-05:00
To: curtis@tradenet.net
( curtis@helloearth.info )

Hi Curtis,

I want you to know something very special. On last week's Riley Martin show (Feb.1)
I told the host and Riley that I was the one human that he saw at the great mother ship at Saturn. Riley remembered me by describing me exactly. He said I was about 5' 8" and I am about 5' 7". He said I was middle aged and I was born on Nov. 1952. He also said I was heavy built and 230 or so pounds and I now weigh 265. I attached a picture of me so you can get a idea of how I look. Interestingly they have technical difficulties with just that show and cannot post it for replay.

I told them that we were introduced and given the titles, Ticketer for Riley and Navigator for myself. I was allowed a chance to navigate back to Earth and also Mars. I didn't believe I could do it but I had been at the mother ship for some special work to me. So getting back to Earth was like a trip around the block. I was shown much of the glory of the Mother ship and I can testify to the accuracy of Riley's description. Riley's drawings are very good and portray both Tan and Nela as I remember them. Nela and Tan as with all the Biaviians I encountered have a unbelievable pure Love that they can project. This is a wonderful thing that the telepathic powers they possess is able to communicate. Fear and the terror of being out there with them turns into a wonderful and splendid experience. All I can say is that they have a kind of Love that I have never experienced on Earth.

The Biaviians have been sending me information in the form of wide awake visions. Many of these are nothing more that a refresh on my memories of them and the experience. I do remember my first impression of Riley, let me tell you a little. He walked into view in front of where I was seated, from my left I believe. He was looking down and talking to something that I couldn't see (Question) and in much the same way that he describes. When he turned and saw me he said, "What the ???#### are you doing here!!!". Then we talked in a telepathic and normal way for a short time. We were then introduced and the titles given.

Presently, Riley is fulfilling the title Ticketer in a big way. I was also shown the holographic symbol generator in which Riley got his symbols. It was very cool, you could look into it and a entire universe of three dimensional graphics were in there. I could rotate it and get various views of the hologram.

There is so much more, give me a email if you want to know more.


Michael (included his last name)

The Navigator

email to Michael
early in these recordings
Nicola ~ Massachusetts
William ~ cyberspace
Paul ~ Quebec
Tim ~ California
Stan ~ Indiana
hour 155
hour 171
hour 223

Riley Martin drew this
Biaviian Elder
and says he is about
30,000 years of age.

Riley gave this to Curtis
Michael said
he didn't remember seeing anything around his neck.
hour 139
hour 174
hour 220
hour 261

Vision of Angels in Heaven
Xiamen China

hour 109
hour 132
hour 134
hour 178
hour 257
hour 314

Architectural Sphere
luminescent moves around
as you can plainly see.

NASA sends spacecraft to Saturn to find this luminous sphere.
Voyager I & II ~ 1979
Launch ~
October 1997
arrives near Saturn May 2004
sends back images
hour 109
hour 132
hour 134
hour 178
hour 257
hour 314

New Jerusalem is another name for this architectural sphere near Saturn.
NASA named it

hour 314 ~ June 2016
NASA site N00062208
24 May 2006
Finding this Luminous Sphere
should have been like finding
a needle in a hay stack unless
they knew where to look because Saturn is enormous
compared to our planet.
Saturn out of view
possibly on right side
of this image.
Cassini-Huygens Spacecraft
Launch to Saturn
Oct 1997
arrives near Saturn May 2004
Curtis was sifting through the images coming back from Cassini. NASA was posting them in groups of 500.
Curtis wants you to pay attention to these 3 images.
hour 86
hour 304
hour 378
NASA site N00061935
Something caused this
donut shape to appear.
Was it caused by the cylinder
in the upper left of the
first image? Cylinder is
missing in this image.
Please notice
the stars didn't change
meaning the camera direction
did not change.
same camera direction
same luminous sphere
24 May 2006
hour 86
hour 265
hour 304
hour 378
NASA site N00061934
NASA remote controls
to switch lens to TELEPHOTO
for a close up view
and snaps this image!!!
24 May 2006
Notice the stars are the same stars as in 1 & 2.
Shows the camera direction
did not change.
This is the same sphere
as in 1 & 2.
hour 86
hour 210
hour 378
The bright sphere seems
to have a big white object
coming out of the top of it.
NASA keeps this link working >
hour 260
hour 265
hour 358
hour 378
NASA sends
Cassini Spacecraft instructions
to snap a close-up image of this luminous sphere.
Displaying results 305 to 320 of 500
Result Page: this page is 20
Curtis saved this page from 2006
when Cassini Spacecraft was sending back images near Saturn.
Looking thru 500 at a time I found it on this page of 12 images.
1, 2, 3 from just above... are images... 12, 13, 14 in this group.
Number 14 being what Michael called the
This is the page I found it on. ~ WOW
hour 173
hour 175
hour 178

With a huge telescope
This image was sent to Curtis many years ago from JPL saying You'll find this interesting. A moment later a second email arrives from JPL supervisor saying to disregard the image I just received from JPL. (?) So I called the JPL supervisor asking for the Cassini image number.
She said... it is not a Cassini image it was shot with a telescope from Earth.
Wow a huge telescope can see a luminous alien craft or vessel in our Solar System.

In 1994 I asked Riley
to draw his first memory
of seeing what he called
the Mothership near Saturn.
Three sentinel globes protect the vessel.
From the cover of:
The Coming of Tan
hour 268
hour 355
hour 378
Richard Hoagland pointing to what he found near the rings of Saturn
images from Cassini Spacecraft.
Beyond Knowledge Converence
12, 13 September 2009
Liverpool England
Thanks goes out to Miles Johnson
for recording this and could be the
only copy found on the web.
Thanks to
Chris from Liverpool, NY
for sending this to us for all to see.
Architectural World / New Jerusalem
near Saturn's rings
with 3 protecting spheres
Just as Riley drew it on the cover of
The Coming of Tan.
hour 268
hour 355
hour 378
Michael's photos below
hour 106
hour 160
hour 169

The stupa shows
the seven circles and the
four foundational structures.

hour 193
hour 160
hour 245
hour 263

Angkor Wat Temple

Twelve Celestial Guardians carved in stone

hour 93

Angkor Thom Temple Cambodia
Rejuvenation Temple
The old King went in then came out as a young man.

hour 85

From the
British Museum
Egyptian section

It states that this is
of a child that had suffered from a bone disease.
The formulation in the shape of the skull's cranial vault looks too large to be just a bone disease.

I remember how Nela told me that my eyes are like hers not hers like mine.
This thought brings to mind that she or others may have had input into our genetic make up. Also note that the facial region is small and
the eye orbits are large in relation to the skull as a whole. This could be a hybrid throw back to a more Earth experimental human.

hour 85

This is interesting skull that looks very large and also has an unusual and large cranial vault. Note the normal skull to the right. The giants of old are possible offspring of the large or giant Annunaki of the Sumerian lore.

hour 85

Large skull
with partial small skeleton.

Michael's photo
A temple guardian that holds the way to heaven in his
right hand and the wand of forgetfulness in his left.
Try to imagine standing next
to him and coming to about
his belt level while conversing with the Daynal. This is how
I felt, real small.
hour 85

This is a picture of the Sumerian temple panel showing a Annunaki with wings. Notice the shape of the head dress and facial features. I believe that the ones Riley called Neptonians are these same beings and are the ones that I meet and spoke to. They are not telepathic and look Polynesian while standing nearly nine feet tall.

hour 44

Sumerian sculpture point back to the winged planet Nibiru.

photo by Michael
June 2008
hour 27
hour 64
hour 266
hour 324
hour 358
hour 378

Michael's backyard

The circular area remains a
reminder of Michael's trip
to the New Jerusalem
near Saturn and back.

February 2007
hour 27
hour 64
hour 266
hour 324
hour 358
hour 378

Michael's backyard

Stood on left aim right.
Notice the first brown crescent shaped patch of grass from
the top of this shot, less obvious are the concentric rings expanding out from
the center. The center is the small white area in the
middle of the photo.

hour 27
hour 64
hour 266
hour 324
hour 358
hour 378

Michael's backyard
close up

The center of the rings won't grow any foliage and the surrounding area remains stunted.

hour 110
hour 184

Michael's picture from London
Two stone age replicas of a
Stotted Array Antenna.
It was said to be used
by priest to communicate
with God.

The Neolithic Age

The Beginning of Civilization
pre-1600 B.C.E.

Michael discovered a real one
National Palace Museum

hour 1
hour 33
hour 34
hour 105
hour 118
hour 121
hour 141
hour 156
hour 194
hour 247
hour 264
hour 292
hour 355

Michael says this amazing photograph is of an identical blue light that I saw coming from Tan and Nela's vessel just before they picked me up in 1972. The bright white rays that formed a cross had just faded and become this exact blue green hue. Then this beam was deployed and is photograph about to rotate into conveyer mode. Notice how the conveyer has defined ends and is transparent, which shows some of its transdimensional properties. The remainder of the ship is just above the top of the photo. Notice that the photographer had no memories about after the event which sounds to me like he had some missing time.

Michael found this image on Coast-to-Coast AM web site.

hour 31
hour 248

6,000 to 8,000 year old
Michael says... This is possibly the Stagyian Scientist life carrier type. He is said to be the old man that taught the people of the one true God and trinity concept.

Mentioned in The Urantia Book and is talked about as a priest
of the order of Melchizedek.

Found in Chinese tomb the British returned to England with it. Located now in the Victoria and Albert Museum

hour 176

Skulls Found ~ Sonora, Mexico
According to Time, the bones date to between 940 and 1308, making them around 1,000 years old.

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